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Mastermind 75!

Recently BritWres commentator Olie Spring celebrated being the voice of 75 Wrestling events. To commemorate his achievement, he commissioned me to create this piece containing all of the wrestlers whose matches he added an extra dimension to. Congratulations Olie! It’s always an honour to create these for you. Looking forward to the next one!

Orpheus Logo

Just finished this logo commission for progressive metal band and all round bunch of top lads @orpheusuk! This logo looks great in loads of various colour combinations but this one is my own personal favourite!

Orpheus are dropping their debut single at 7pm later tonight so if you like your music loud and heavy, please check out OrpheusUK on Facebook or other socials

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My second championship for Pro Wrestling Clash – The Meteora League Championship!

That’s my second championship belt produced. It came out pretty nicely! This is @prowrestlingclash ‘s #MeteoraLeague Championship, a coveted prize for the most athletic professional wrestlers out there. Swipe to see the plates and the championship finally made in its full glory, held by @manlikebanks who I’m told isn’t the champion…yet.

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