64 Slices of American Cheese

New artwork, more stuff to shill!

A classic obscure Simpsons moment entered my mind the other day and instead of letting it go after chuckling to myself like a fool, I made a graphic and am now trying to shill products with said graphic on it.

Take a look if you’re in the market for T Shirts, duvet covers , clocks and all manner of things:  Go Here

Be Sharps Parody

Swipe to see black on white version and the artwork on TShirts and hoodies.

Fancied a bit of light tracing practice. Ended up doing a bit of fan art. Parody of Abbey Road with the Simpsons based on the Episode “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet”. If you think this is supercool then fancy wearing it on a TShirt/hoodie or drinking out of it in your own personal mug. Just go to redbubble.com and search “Primal Mistry”!

Branding for Long Play Podcast

A little taste of quirky fun and something a little different to a lot of the graphics I’ve posted recently.

Logo/branding for The Long Play Cafe Podcast. A podcast produced by good friend Kevin Ashburn, where he sits down with musicians and delicious warm brews to discuss their five most influential albums. If that’s what you’re interested in then give them a listen:https://soundcloud.com/longplaycafe


Kyle Kingsley – The Bee’s Knees of Breaking Backs 

This was really fun to do. Baseball shirt design for professional wrestler and “the bee’s knees of breaking backs”, Nottinghamshire’s own Kyle Kingsley! @kyleofkings.
When talking about this, we had two different ideas: mine of the typography arranged like the classic Muhammad Ali TShirt design and his idea of a bad ass bee breaking a bitch’s back.

Why not smash the two together? The outcome, I think, looks pretty damn cool.

Perception – Refuge

CD Cover Design for my good friends over at Refuge! It’s been fun producing stuff for yourselves and Develop Insite as a whole. Photography and body paint by @emmafayofficial #primalmistrygd #emmafay #enteredem #refuge #rethinkyourmind #perception #developinsite #musicbyrefuge