L e g e n d a r y s #pokemongold #pokemonsilver

Little thing I’ve been playing around with for a bit.

Really impressed with how my Lake of Rage came out do I tried to do something similar. This one is based around Ho oh and Lugia – the legendary birds from Gold and Silver and the tools you needed to obtain to summon them.

It’s not too bad, possibly almost box art quality

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Little vanity project I did for something myself and Kevin Ashburn are doing – The Hope Spot Clothing Company: a wrestling based streetwear clothing company where 50% of profits are going to charity. Please take a look at our website: http://www.hopespotcc.com

I did (the bulk of) that too!

Maybe buy something 😉

Wanted to test my animation and motion graphics skills and to be honest it’s not bad at all. Let us know what you think!

366 Golden Opportunities

I’d like to get people becoming creative or progress at something they enjoy in the new year. I’ve been doing a version of this since the start of 2018 and I wanted to share this because some of you might get value from this, maybe even enjoy it. I know I did. Basically you grab an A5 page per day diary (or smaller) and just let loose. Every day. Draw something, write something, log progress at something you want to do, note down ideas for cool projects, merely express yourself or all of the above. But you do it every day for the calendar year (I threw in an extra day just for good value 😉) and stick to it. You can then choose to drop it or carry on. All that daily activity will add up to something huge by the end of the year. Plus don’t get too hung up on the specifics… if you miss a day here or there, don’t give yourself a hard time about it. Might be good idk, only one way to find out

Lake of Rage

Lake of Rage

That says “Gyarados Lake” in Japanese (taken from @bulbapedia)

Saw some illustration styles I liked on Pinterest and wanted to try making something similar, remembered how cool “Lake of Rage” sounded so I put this together.

What do you think?



Artwork I created for @tjaylea ‘s story, built on his previous piece The Expressionless. This story did give me the chills and I recommend giving it a read – search T.J. Lea on Facebook. I had a blast making this look as warped and twisted as possible!

Everything is Awesome!

TShirt design I did a few month back for a couple of Top lads (swipe to see photo of the shirts) @peckham_playboy and @jadenwilliams03!

Lego is always fun and the client is always a pleasure to talk to.

Thank you to @olisandler for letting me use his photography @ringsideperspective

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