Can You Spare A Square?

This piece was originally a Seinfeld reference piece from S5E12 episode “The Stall”. Found this on my hard drive and decided to give it a little spit and polish. It is on my RedBubble in several different colour options. Glorious Gold because toilet paper is more valuable than precious metals in this day and age.

…and watch Seinfeld. It’s a masterclass in comedy. All the episodes are on All 4. I know you have the spare time

The Original Wrestler – Kent Nelson!

Cool idea for a T-shirt design from a while back for The Original Wrestler #KentNelson – the sex pistols artwork with our Queen replaced by your bad self. Those T shirts came out amazingly Kent and I’m aware it’s going to be a while before we see you reppin them proudly but it will be something we’ll look forward to when things get better.

Dogeyes Title Logo

New Title I designed for a new comic project for the one who writes at midnight @midniteauthor. Today is the final day for his Kickstarter and target has been reached and exceeded and #OsakaMime will be happening! What better day to show off the next project! This ones is about gangsters, betrayal and if I’m right about anything, it will have plenty of violence. Can’t wait to see this bloom into something epic too!


“You’re Dangerous!” – Tripp Hazard

“You’re Dangerous!” – Tripp Hazard

Design for Milton Keynes based wrestler Tripp Hazard – that health and safety officer who ruins any small amount of fun you try to have. Design comes in a light mode and a dark mode version If you want to see Tripp at his best, you can find him at @apexwrestlinguk

Mastermind 150

These are always a pleasure to do. Olie from @f4r_mastermind has done commentary for a massive 150 wrestling events! All the wrestlers who he called matches for are in the numbers and the wrestling promotions who have him on board are below. Thank you for choosing me to create these pieces for you

Coming soon… Ignite Wrestling Pro

It was my pleasure to create a logo for up and coming wrestling promotion Ignite Wrestling Pro – a new promotion for future superstars to make a name for themselves. Anyone interested in good British indie wrestling and has no trouble travelling to Borehamwood, keep your eyes peeled for Ignite Wrestling Pro over the next few months

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L e g e n d a r i e s

Little thing I’ve been playing around with for a bit.

Really impressed with how my Lake of Rage came out do I tried to do something similar. This one is based around Ho oh and Lugia – the legendary birds from Gold and Silver and the tools you needed to obtain to summon them.

It’s not too bad, possibly almost box art quality