This is always great to read. Thank you one person in Australia. Have a great Father’s Day!

This was nice to read. Someone in Australia bought one my designs on a TShirt on redbubble for their dad on Father’s Day. Swipe to see the design and the version of the shirt they bought.

It blows my mind that people buy my ideas never mind the fact that this one sold 14 units.

I know it doesn’t sound like much but it’s something.

So thanks to everyone who bought a shirt and everyone else supporting what I do.

Wow. Instagram has taken from Snapchat and it’s now taking from Pinterest. Love it

I was just going through my Instagram and I saw something new. At the top of the home page there’s your standard hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) , and you can access name tags, saved posts and discovering people (finding friends e.g.).

Fair enough – bit of tidying up.

So I went into my saved videos and discovered you can create Collections. This is putting your saved photos into their own folders.

Sounds familiar?

Well it’s pretty much Pinterest. Pinning/saving from your newsfeed and creating collections/boards to create fun galleries/pinboards, to essentially, and I use this term with respect, hoard media.

Honestly I like it. Instagram is using all the best features from all the social media and slowly making it the only one you’ll ever need. You could say it’s plagiarism and you’d be right, but on the whole it’s literally a useful feature as opposed to stupid filters you play with and look idiotic. Whilst driving. Plus you have the option of ignoring it.

But what do you think? Let us know

….yes I know I need to charge my iPad. Get off my case

Lucha Libre Poster. Buy a shirt.

Had a thought. Why not try and take already existing artwork and try and make a few pennies from it. This was the thumbnail for the wrestling artwork on my website (ColouRING In) and my inspiration of Smackdown v Raw games. I added some extra stuff and turned it into a poster (in Spanish for extra authenticity) which you can wear on a tshirt or a hoodie, maybe have it on a book or laptop cover? If you’re interested just go here

For those that don’t understand Spanish, from top to bottom:

Primal Wrestling Federation


Profanity and violence

World Championship

Blue Star v Red Diamond

Remember to stay Hydrated …and buy my merch!

Fancied a bit of typography and no Simpsons or Seinfeld references for a change! Here’s advice we all need to take. With the weather we’ve had recently it’s really important to drink water. Why not produce some cool typography sharing that message.

Of course I have monetised this piece and its available for you to wear in white on blue or blue on white. Buy a tshirt, hoodie, a laptop case or any manner of merch.

Just go here ! (or here if you want white on blue)

Stay Hydrated

Mastermind 50

Another commemorative piece for @figure4radio ‘s Olie Spring, celebrating his 50th show as a wrestling commentator . It wasn’t too long ago that he did commentary for his 25th show and now he’s only gone and done 50!

Congratulations again. Inside the 50 are all the names in Britwres that he’s called matches for!

Serenity Now!

New pop culture fan art of a classic moment from an amazing show. Taking The Serenity Now piece from Seinfeld and creating an homage to the poster for Apocalypse Now and this is the result. If you enjoy how cool this is, and want to wear this on your chest, buy one here.

Buy a shirt, a hoodie, a laptop case, a poster –  anything and everything!