Mastermind 100!

Mastermind 100!

This is always fun to do! Wrestling commentator and all round sound dude, Olie Spring has commentated for 100 shows! This was commissioned a few weeks ago and he’s on like 108 or something haha. Well done Olie! Proud of your progress and thanks again for having me do this for you. It’s always an honour and a pleasure!

Single Plum Floating in Perfume Served in a Man’s Hat

Simpsons x Jack Daniel’s

Yes, another obscure Simpson’s reference fan art designed for merch. Inspired from the classic Simpsons episode: Homer’s Barbershop Quartet. Here’s the order made by Barney’s Yoko Ono inspired girlfriend at Moe’s Carvern turned into a mock Jack Daniel’s design. Swipe to see it on all manner of crap. Available in both purple, white and other colours if you can figure out how!

Osaka Mime

Osaka Mime! This was a lot of fun to do. This commission is for up and comic writer and all round good brother @midniteauthor for future project Osaka Mime. I’ve read parts of it and seen early panels and they’re good!

Festivus! For the rest of us!

Festivus! For the rest of us!

Today is Festivus!, created by Frank Costanza from #Seinfeld because he hated how religious and commercial Christmas had become, to be celebrated for 23rd December. The one time of year where you gather your family round and tell them how they disappointed you over the last year. Of course a test of strength is a must. No tree either, just an aluminium pole.

What better way to celebrate this holiday that rejects commercialism than to buy a shirt or other stuff with this design on it. Swipe to take a look. If you want to buy, just search for Primal Mistry on