My name is Primal Mistry.

…yes that is my real name

Welcome to my site!

I’m a freelance graphic designer who’s itching to solve whatever problem you have. I  have experience in different areas of graphic design including web graphics, animation, posters, layouts, logos and book and booklet layouts. I also pretty much run the social media and maintain this website too!

If you like what I do and  want graphic work from me, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. Just hit contact on the tab up there, give me your name, email address and tell me what you want. I am willing to negotiate different rates for different projects.

Please take a look around and I can’t wait to hear from you



I’m a Graphic Designer. I graduated from the University of Derby and I’ve been freelancing ever since.

In retrospect, my career in graphic design feels like a natural progression. Beginning at childhood picking up a pencil, before moving on to brushes, inevitably finding myself figuring out how to do it with a computer.

After discovering that art can be a profession, I enrolled on a college course where I experimented with different creative media outlets. This lead me to study animation as an undergraduate. Even though I still practice animation, I changed my degree subject to graphic design because of the versatility of the uses of graphic design appealed to me.

What attracts me to this field is the ability to take my own creative energy and change the way people feel and think through the medium of design. Design in itself, affects the choices we make when buying a product, going to an event or even just thinking something differently.

My training and experience incorporates formal education with self directed practice, freelancing, media agency and publishing house experience. Every experience has forged who I am as a designer. The progression has kept me motivated and I will always continue to strengthen my skills.

Software I am well versed in includes: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and InDesign. My skills include designing for print and interactive digital media. I produce a wide variety of print and digital solutions including posters, books, animations, leaflets, flyers, CDs booklets, screen graphics and animations.

I’m very passionate about design and in my blog section, I share my thoughts, experiences or content from other sources.

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