I was just going through my Instagram and I saw something new. At the top of the home page there’s your standard hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) , and you can access name tags, saved posts and discovering people (finding friends e.g.).

Fair enough – bit of tidying up.

So I went into my saved videos and discovered you can create Collections. This is putting your saved photos into their own folders.

Sounds familiar?

Well it’s pretty much Pinterest. Pinning/saving from your newsfeed and creating collections/boards to create fun galleries/pinboards, to essentially, and I use this term with respect, hoard media.

Honestly I like it. Instagram is using all the best features from all the social media and slowly making it the only one you’ll ever need. You could say it’s plagiarism and you’d be right, but on the whole it’s literally a useful feature as opposed to stupid filters you play with and look idiotic. Whilst driving. Plus you have the option of ignoring it.

But what do you think? Let us know

….yes I know I need to charge my iPad. Get off my case

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