This week (April 4 – 8, 2016)  , I got a friend of mine to do a creative challenge because he wanted to do some creative design work. He had a creative block and couldn’t think or decide on an idea to work on. Initially I decided to explore different ideas on projects in the past he enjoyed and different types of creative outcome such as animation, posters and icons for example…but there were too many.

We were going no where productive, so I just asked if I could pull a random brief out of thin air. Even as i was deciding it I kept changing the challenge. The brief I ended up giving was:

Design 3 minimal film posters/book covers and make them look like they’re part of the same set. They’re Roald Dahl stories and they are: James and the giant peach, Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The outcome he produced was amazing and I’m pretty proud that he produced it that quickly. Still got it. I was also really proud that I gave him a small nudge in the right direction and hopefully give him momentum to create more pieces. Just a small thing.

Here it is:


Rethinking Roald

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