…or something every design blog has to say something about. I’m pretty late but here’s my thoughts.  

I love the new Google logo. It’s a welcome change. It’s only been around for 2 weeks and it just feels normal and a step into the future. The previous iteration already feels outdated.

A clean sans serif wordmark is definitely a sign of current design – even though sans serif fonts have existed for 100+ years. Perhaps, that’s why they have a timeless feel

However, the translation from desktop search engine, to mobile hasn’t worked as well. I instinctively still search for the lower case serif g icon. It took me some time to realise the 4 colour sans serif capital G icon was a google search icon

On the smaller screen the new logo in colour looks too busy. The colorful nature combined with the chunkiness when scaled down is too visually stimulating for me. The previous wordmark felt classier and understated because it was also in solid grey and maybe that is something Google could do. However that will be something we just get used to or altered for future mobile updates.    

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