I spent a week at Creative Media Studio on a short term contract…and it was awesome!

It was called Seed Creativity and probably one of the best working environments I’ve been in. It was just like being back at Uni, except I was really productive.  When I was there, my brief was to take written text, turn it into infographics on Illustrator before prepping them for animation.

It was a great week that opened with the director cooking currygoat and rice for the office and it got better from there. Met a good group of people including Senika from Leicester College who I gave a crash course in WordPress in. She’s quite a character and probably one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met whether its in media, journalism or arts and crafts – she makes her own jewellery.

Week at Seed


Also got a slight insight into the creation of the Cultural Quarter app – a guide to show you where to go and what to do in THE place to be in Leicester.

Thanks for giving me the chance to be there Jonny – would love to be back at the office.

If you wanna see some of Senika’s jewellery here’s her twitter: https://twitter.com/LUVINBLING


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